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Our Work

Proof is in the pudding.


Cold Email Club has been amazing! They helped us increase our cold email response rate by 20%. It allowed us to grow the initial supply side for our marketplace and that's played a crucial role in our success.

- Ilya Novohatskyi

Just wanted to say thanks again so much for the call earlier. It was such good timing as I had just started ramping up the B2B cold emails. Your feedback was super helpful and performance has been trending up ever since.

- AJ Alkasmi

Unless you know what you're doing, it's just hard to write email copy that gets you the responses you deserve. And that's why we built Cold Email Club! It's the probably the best money you'll ever spend on growing your business. But then again, I'm biased :)

-Jaisal Rathee
Founder, Cold Email Club

Marketplace Startup

We recently helped a UK based startup run a cold outreach campaign with the goal to increase vendor signups for their marketplace using targeted leads. We managed to achieve a 74.2% open rate & 25.8% positive response rate. This in turn increased signups by 110%.


Open Rate


Positive Response Rate

Podcast Guest Outreach

We helped a prominent entrepreneur and marketing expert land spots on popular podcasts in his niche with the aim of expanding his reach. We achieved a 53% positive response rate and a 85% response to booking rate.


Positive Responses


Resulted in Bookings

Every day potential customers are receiving your cold emails but you don't hear back.

😱 Are you painfully building lists of prospects, spending hours writing what you think is the perfect cold email, but hardly get any responses?

😫 Do you know your offer is great but if only your prospects would read the email you sent, then they would know that too?

❌ Are your prospects reading your emails but not responding? Or worse, are your emails getting deleted before they're even read?

Stop wasting your time & money on cold emails that don't work.

Let us help you.

🚀 Jump on a 20 minute Zoom call where we review your email sequence, give you suggestions to improve campaign performance, and share some tips, tricks & insider secrets.

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